updated on October 2017

Public mapping workshops during neighbourhood festivals or specific public events are a fantastic way to collect data addressing a large and diversified audience (age, social class, professional background, sex).
It is also a way to make visible the map, like a live demo, so participants can test its usefulness, see how much they learn from the existing data.
And it is finally an incredible opportunity for who run the workshop to listen to the specific expertise of everyone, to discuss about local territories and planning expectations and though to learn a lot.

17 workshops have been run for the moment :

6 at the London scale during metropolitan events : 
- ICA /invited by ASH(Architects for Social Housing), aug.17
- Our Way Ahead / London Metropolitan University jul.17
- Civic University / Tate Modern,  feb.17
- Land for What ? / Resource Holloway, nov.16
- Reclaim Our Spaces / Conway Hall, june.16 #ReclaimOurSpaces
- Just Space conference / UCL, april.16

11 at a local scale during neighbourhood events :
(x3) Elephant & Walworth Neighbourhood Forum (x3), Aug/ Sep. 2017   See details here
- Tottenham Hale / Living Under One Sun, Sep.17
- (x3) South Kilburn_2 /Granville Kitchen, mar.17    See details here
- Millbank/students of the Chelsea College/UAL + local community, jan.17
- Deptford 2 /  Old Tidemill Garden neighbourhood festival, sep.16
- Deptford 1 /  Old Tidemill Garden neighbourhood festival. june.16
- Old Oak / local community, mar.16

A workshop will probably be run later in Tottenham thanks to a cooperation between OurTottenham and justMap that has started recently. See details here.

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